12 Signs Your Employee is Preparing to Quit

Manager’s most challenging role is appropriately dealing with their employees and teams. The stress of remote working, anxiety over layoffs, and burnout have made human resources more challenging than ever. Harvard Business Review recently released the following 12 core pre-quitting behaviors across a wide range of jobs, industries, and geographies.

1. A decrease in work productivity.

2. Acting less like a team player.

3. Doing only the minimal amount of work.

4. Less interest in pleasing their supervisor.

5. Less willing to commit to long-term timelines than usual.

6. Increased negativity.

7. Decreased motivation.

8. Less of a focus on job-related matters.

9. Increased expression of dissatisfaction with their job.

10. Increased absenteeism or tardiness.

11. Less enthusiasm for their workplace.

12. Increased dissatisfaction with their supervisor or manager.