5 Lessons I Learned This Week

I spend the majority of my days looking forward, but Sunday morning is different, this is the time I reflect on the past week sifting through my consulting meetings and my advising conversations. I reread quotes I jotted down in my journal and lines from the books I’ve been reading to ask myself; “What lessons have I learned this week?” Here are a few of those lessons.

1. Controlling my self-talk affects my attitudes, actions, and results.

2. Once you commit to life to “always be learning,” you must get accustomed to feeling like a green pea every day.

3. If no one is talking about you, get them talking about you.

4. Almost all of your fulfillment in life flows from understanding your purpose.

“The secret of success is constancy to purpose.” ―Benjamin Disraeli

5. To achieve mastery, you have to achieve clarity.

To achieve mastery, you must achieve clarity. And achieving clarity most often requires an outside influence, someone who can pull you out of yourself, challenge your assumptions, beliefs, and habits. Michael E. Gerber E-Myth Mastery.

Leave a comment and let me know the lessons you have learned.