The Greatest Source of Frustration for a Growing Company.

Knowledge is power if you know how to access it.

Growing companies are continually gathering different types of knowledge and must decide which specific information needs to be collected, filed, maintained, and used, along with which employees should be responsible for this. This can be a source of immense frustration.

Creating and maintaining a knowledge library is vital to improve efficiency and save time in your company’s business operations.

What should a knowledge library contain?

  1. Product knowledge. 
  2. Process knowledge.
  3. Network knowledge.
  4. Market knowledge.
  5. Technological knowledge.

Topics for discussion.

As you think about creating or improving a knowledge library, it will be helpful to consider the following topics.

  1. Is the company’s current physical or digital knowledge library updated?
  2. Is any knowledge missing?
  3. Have responsibilities for maintaining the knowledge library been delegated?
  4. Is existing knowledge being used now, and how?
  5. How do you share knowledge in the company, and could it be done more efficiently?

Decisions to make.

Finally, the time has come to decide on these final questions

  1. Which information do you need to gather, file, and maintain, and how will you do this?
  2. How will you ensure that people who need the knowledge in the company have access to it?
  3. Who should be responsible for gathering, filing, and updating the company information?


A knowledge library takes time and attention to set up and adequately maintain, but it will improve communication and alignment and reduce frustration in the long run. Contact Slark Consulting Group if you want to learn more.