11 Tools Every Small Business Owner Needs To Thrive In Difficult Times

There are two types of business, one that has gone through tough times and ones that are about to go through tough times. Here are 11 tools every small business owner needs to thrive during challenging times?


Attitudes Needed to Thrive

1. Be Present: Let your employees and team know that you are there and engaged.

2. Be Positive: Your message should be one of inspiration, reminding everyone that this crisis won’t last forever.

3. Be a Realist:  Be positive, but tell it like it is. Don’t confuse what you wish were true with what is actually true.

4. Be Prepared to do “NEW”:  Be innovative. “How can we do this differently?”

Actions Needed to Thrive

1. Over-communicate:  Communicate priorities with your team. Be decisive. Be clear.


2. Cement relationships with existing customers: Engage with them to find out what they need from you.

3. Rethink your business: Reflect on what is working and what isn’t. How can your business be improved?

4. Increase Promotions and Sales Actions: This no time to hide. Increase your promotions, knock on doors, and make those calls.

5. Invest in your business:  Use this time to clean, paint, upgrade the website, update the technology, improve the floor plan.

6. Invest in you:  Self-care is crucial for you to maintain a positive attitude and to perform your tasks well.  Eat well, move your body, reduce negative influences, and get plenty of rest.

7. Find a mentor or advisor: Having a trusted confidant who understands what you are going through is crucial during difficult times.

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