From a borrowed food truck to cooking up a $3 million food business: How a Columbus businesswoman leveraged relationships to go the distance

You start with what you have.”

That’s what Lisa Gutierrez, now CEO of Dos Hermanos, a bustling Mexican-inspired food business based in Columbus, Ohio, says about her start as a small business owner more than 10 years ago.

In her case, she started with one borrowed food truck — and turned it into a profitable company that generates $3 million a year and employs 45 people and includes multiple food trucks, concession stands at venues like Field and the Greater Columbus Convention Center, permanent stalls at two area food markets, and a commissary kitchen that serves an underserved community.  

Of course, she had more than just the truck on her side. She had 15 years of experience managing restaurants, a husband with a passion for food, trusted family recipes, and a village of support behind her.

Lisa’s business journey from a solitary food truck to a thriving business included support from community developers, fellow foodies, and city advocates — as well as a long-term relationship with her local Chase business banker.

“When I walked into my Chase branch with my Dos Hermanos t-shirt on years ago, I thought I was unbankable. My credit score was low, and there was so little in my account that I was just hoping I’d have enough to get change for the next gig. What happened next was very powerful.”

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