5 Lessons I Learned This Week

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Last week is benched, and another one is stepping up to the plate-like Christian Yelich.

The highlight of my week was reading Simpler Living, Compassionate Life by Michael Schut, the book is a series of essays on topics including commerce and consumerism, ecology, and personal responsibility. It has been a week of intense learning and the following are five of the many lessons I learned.

1. Share a small piece of your work every day — a daily dispatch.

2. I need to extend myself a little more grace.

3. Feeling offended by others mostly flows out of my insecurities, my ego, or my rigid thinking.

4. A daily walk is better for my brain than my body.

5. There many ways to accomplish a task, learn best practices, and mix them into your way.

“There is no prescribed method, no one way it can be done. Trust your skill, your inner voice, and make that thing yours.” – From Simpler Living, Compassionate Life

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