6 Steps To Become A Better Learner.

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Once upon a time, I tried to help everyone.

It was a brief time, but a time nonetheless! I quickly understood I couldn’t help someone who doesn’t recognize they need help!

Realizing the need for assistance is the initial behavior I look for when interviewing potential clients for my consulting and coaching business, as it is the first sign someone is open to learning. Here are six steps in a profitable learning cycle.

1. Recognizing the need for additional knowledge. Realizing we don’t have the answer is the first step to learning.

2. Seeking out knowledge. Admitting to others that we need help is the hardest step for many business owners.

3. Tailoring the knowledge to your situation. Proper application of knowledge requires skill, tact, and patience. You might need some help with this.

4. Estimating an outcome. “What is a reasonably expected outcome? “What is a reasonably expected length of time?” Determining these factors reduces frustration later.

5. Taking Action. Implementation is the critical step and the one most forsaken. Implement the knowledge and monitor the results.

6. Modification. You may have to do a small amount of tweaking, but you shouldn’t have to adjust much if you have done the other steps correctly.


Investing in your learning is a gift to you. Building the practice of learning into your life will pay massive dividends in the future.

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