5 Tips for Correcting Customer Complaints in Your Small Business

"When the customer isn't happy, no one is happy!"

Every small business owner will say "Amen" to that! No matter how hard we try to satisfy our customers, sometimes we get it wrong. Here are five suggestions to deal with customer service complaints.

1. Anticipate potential failures and have a process to handle them ahead of time.

Identify the sticking points in your purchasing process, and if you can't eliminate them, have a plan to deal with them when they arise.

2. Train your employees to handle customer issues.

Training time spent on this subject will save time and headaches for your customers and employees.

3. Empower your employees to handle customer complaints.

Give them limited authority to handle complaints without approval.

4. Listen to the customer.

Listen to the customer. Sometimes this is all they want.

5. Respond quickly.

Get on top of the customer's issue with haste.

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