7 Self Improvement Tips for Small Business Owners. Tip #5 Using Time Wisely

Updated: Sep 22, 2019

It's obvious if you are reading this post that you have some interest in becoming a better small business owner or you're my mother. In either case, thanks for stopping in.

This is tip #5 in our series 7 Self Improvement Tips for Small Business Owners.

Tip #5

Ordinary people think merely of spending time. Great people think of using it.

Read that again.

Now once more.

Altering the way, you think about time could be a game changer for many of you. Instead of thinking about time as something that happens to you begin thinking about it as something you can control. A tool to be used.

  • How do you become a better leader?

  • How do you become a better writer?

  • How do you become a better salesperson?

The answer? You use your time to get better at them.

The truth is very few people have ever accomplished anything extraordinary by watching Netflix 15 hours a week or spending large amounts of time on Facebook.

That's how average people spend time.

There’s nothing wrong with average if that is your aim in life, but if you want to do something beyond average you have to use your time differently.

Changing the world, growing a viable business, enjoying healthy relationships, means you must invest your time with purpose.

Shift how you think about time. Instead of letting it slip away use it to build the life you want for yourself.

Start here

  • Identify time wasters in your daily schedule?

  • Name 1 personal/business goal you could accomplish this month if these time wasters were removed?

  • How different would your life look a year from now if you properly used time instead of just spending it?

You can do this.

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