7 Self Improvement Tips for Small Business Owners Tip #6 Saying No

Updated: Sep 22, 2019

My goal is to help you become the best version of you. To help you believe in yourself and your dream of growing a viable small business.

That's the reason for the series 7 Self Improvement Tips for Small Business Owners.

Tip #6

Learn to say no.

Warren Buffet preaches that the greatest difference between successful people and those who aren’t, is successful people say no to almost everything.

Successful people have learned to say yes to what is important and say no to things that aren't. You must learn this as well.

You can’t do everything!

A full calendar is a curse!

When are you going to create?

When are you going to write, paint, think, plan? These things need your time and attention.

“But if I say no people will think poorly of me.” Ok. So, what? This is your life, your business, you must do what is primary for you.

If you are to grow a business, you must begin taking control of your schedule. You must become ruthless with your calendar.

It's much easier to say no when you control your schedule. Here are a few suggestions I use.

  • Fill your calendar with your priorities. Schedule time to think, plan, and create. Mark them in your calendar. When asked to commit to something new simply check your calendar and say, “I already have a prior engagement.” No one argues with a calendar.

  • Before committing to anything ask “Does this interfere with my established priorities? Does it propel my business forward? If the answer isn’t positive channel Mrs. Nancy Reagan and just say no.

  • When saying no, be polite, clear, firm, and don’t offer an excuse.

Building margins into your life is crucial to the well-being of your business and your life.

Take control by learning to say no.

You can do this.