Businesses Shouldn't Have to Be the Mask Police

This is an intriguing article written by INC editor Mark Coatney and definitely worth a read.

Governments across the country are asking already-stressed business owners to be the first line of defense. This needs to change.

If there is any consensus around how to limit the spread of Covid-19, it is that everyone should be wearing a facemask in public. It's a simple thing, and yet it's an issue many state governments don't want to touch.

In the absence of any sort of a national plan, companies have tried to step into the void. As my colleague Bill Saporito so eloquently noted recently, Walmart is currently providing greater leadership on Covid-19 than the CDC. With its national mask mandate, Starbucks is doing more to blunt the impact of the pandemic than the governors of the 18 states that still do not require masks in public. In response, frontline workers at these companies and others have faced threats of actual violence and even death. read entire article

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