Dealing with Discouragement

Updated: Sep 22, 2019

I'm often asked if I get discouraged.

I sure do!

Like you, there are times in my life when the best laid plans fail, when clients disappoint, or most often, when I don't live up to my own expectations.

No one escapes the downs of life. Early in my career I would be nearly incapacitated with discouragement and self doubt after giving a talk, or a training class.

Back then I knew nothing about the physical and mental drains of public speaking or how to deal with it.

But over the years I have come to be more aware of how my mind and body react to my work and have come to realize that I am more susceptible to bouts of the blues when I fail to maintain these 5 areas in my life.

1. When I don't get enough sleep.

The amount of time needed for sleep varies among individuals, for me it's 7 to 8 hours. Anything less than that and I am not operating at my best and open myself up for negativity.

2. When I fail to eat properly.

I attempt to eat well each day, but there are times when my diet isn't as healthy as it could be. If I am not careful with what I put in my body I tend to feel sluggish and am prone to be lazy and sloppy.

3. When I don't spend time on my hobbies.

I am an avid motorcyclist and enjoy traveling on my bikes. When I don't take time away from work to do the activities I enjoy, I can get really grumpy and overly critical.

4. When I don't unplug.

I'm not the guy who is always checking his phone, but I do appreciate technology and take advantage of it to make my life easier. Yet, there are times I simply must get away from it. I find that I don't unplug on a regular basis I am easily irritated.

5. When I don't make time to exercise.

I love to begin my day with a walk. For me, walking is more than just physical exercise it's helps me to mentally process. While walking I find that my mind seems to become clearer, my thoughts seem to order themselves, and ideas for projects blossom. I can tell a big difference in my outlook when I don't exercise regularly.

These are areas that are important for me to keep positive and full of energy. Other things may work for you, but the message is, find out what works for you and make those things a regular part of your life.