Five Steps to Bring About Change in Your Small Business

Updated: Nov 4, 2019

You have decided that something has to change. You can no longer accept the current performance or standing of a situation, a department, or the business as a whole. You are ready to make the change but you aren’t sure how to go about it.

The following are five steps to bring about change.

1. Establish a Baseline

Determining where you are now is the first step in bringing about change. Gather the data, don’t guess. Example: How many customers are we serving in a day? How many days does it take for our customers to pay an invoice (DPO)?

2. Determine New Objectives

Once you and your team have the hard facts about the current state of affairs it is time to determine your new objectives. Where do we want to go? Paint a clear picture of the desired future.

3. Layout a Strategy

You have established a baseline and have a clear objective of your desired future now you have to layout the road map for reaching your objective. Strategy answers questions like what resources will be needed, it defines roles and responsibilities and establishes key metrics (signposts used to measure success along the route).

4. Implement

Implementation is the most important step because it brings all of the previous steps together. This is the money step. It is also the most neglected step in strategic work, but failure to implement means no change. All of the previous actions are needed but they are useless without implementation.

5. Adjust and Monitor

Even the best of strategic work needs to be adjusted. One of the biggest mistakes I see companies make is they designing a solid plan, launch it, but fail to check its progress or effectiveness against the key metrics they developed in the strategy step.

If you will walk through these five steps with diligence, commitment, and patience. You will bring about the desired change.

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