Learn or Get Left Behind

Updated: Sep 22, 2019

You have no excuse for not learning! Let me rephrase that. You may have an excuse for not learning, but not a valid one.

1. Continued Education is Vital

Your ongoing learning is one of the top 3 factors in the future success of your business!

The changes happening in your industry are occurring at an unprecedented rate, and I can assure you the way you now do business will be outdated within two years or less, and the percentage of businesses currently failing because of unaware owners are staggering.

One such business owner said “I got blindsided. I never saw it coming!”

I replied “These changes have been heading your way for three years. You got blindsided because you weren’t educating yourself.”

"The stakes are high, and it is a learn or get left behind the world."

2. Avenues of Learning

When I speak of learning, I am not talking about going back to college or taking time away to attend conferences. While I'm not opposed to such learning, most of us can't take the time away or afford the ongoing costs, but there are many timelier and cost-effective ways to increase your knowledge while running your business.


What incredible gifts books are to humanity; you can find anything you want to know in the pages of the world's books.

  • Driving? Listen to an audiobook.

  • No space? Read an eBook.

  • Can’t afford to purchase a book?

  • Head to the library. I'm currently reading two books from my local library and guess what? They are free.


Name 3 of the top leaders in your industry. Chances are good; they have speeches, workshops, and interviews available on video. Start with YouTube. Take advantage of this vast resource.

Local Master Mind Groups

Small groups of local business owners are popping up in every city to discuss the challenges and frustrations they are facing as well as offering solutions and support. Google Mastermind Groups in your city.

Online classes

With the popularity of content marketing, many industry leaders are creating online workshops for free or minimal costs. I am currently involved in two free, and one paid workshop.


We are experts and can provide information and trends happening in your field.

3. Wrap Up

Continued learning is:

· Vital to your future.

· Abundant and cheap.

Decide to continue learning now!

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