Lessons I Learned This Week

The winds of autumn have arrived in the Miami Valley, signaling the end of summer and the approach of winter. I hope you are learning to embrace each season and the unique qualities and opportunities they bring. Here are some things I learned this week.

1. The first step in improvement is to establish a baseline.

2. There are three types of people you need in your life: a mentor, a peer, and a student.

3. Nearly all business owners despise the two most critical aspects of a business: human resource management and finance/accounting.

4. Employee engagement is something you need to start taking seriously.

“Organizations with deeply engaged employees had better sales numbers and customer satisfaction.”

“Customers of organizations where employees were more engaged used the company’s products and services more often and were more satisfied than customers of companies with less engaged employees.”

Northwestern University’s Forum for People Performance Management and Measurement

5. Stop looking behind you. The opportunities are in front of you.

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