Slark Consulting Group, How I Can Help you Grow Your Small Business

Updated: Sep 22, 2019

Hi. I'm Rick Slark, owner of Slark Consulting Group and I offer a unique consulting perspective having spent over 34 years in both the business world and the church.

For over 18 years I served as a Senior Pastor in denominational and non-denominational churches, and as I often say; "I have the scars to prove it." During these years I regularly consulted with small churches on the issues of church health and church development.

I've also spent 16 years in the auto industry in both franchised and small, family owned dealerships. I've gained valuable hands on experience in a wide range of areas such as sales, team building, management, implementation of marketing strategies, overseeing day to day operations, conflict resolution, and new business development.

My wide range of training and experience has given me the tools and insights to help you deal with the challenges you face everyday. I know what it feels like to be stuck and unable to move forward, but I've also learned many strategies to get free and move ahead. I welcome the chance to talk.

Contact me today!

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