Stop Trying to Make The Perfect Decision

I have spent many hours researching and envisioning the landscape in which thousands of small businesses will be reopening their doors. It will be a dramatically different scene than when they shut them thirty days ago.

Our world’s most intelligent minds are armed with the latest data and cutting-edge technology but cannot precisely determine what business will look like in the future. The only certainty is there is no certainty!

Amid this ambiguity, the words of American economist Thomas Sowell bring confidence as I advise many small business owners about reopening their businesses. “There are no solutions, only trade-offs.”

The one perfect answer doesn’t exist, but when you realize you are making a trade-off, you will gain the courage to make decisions and move your business forward. Seeking the one perfect solution will only lead to inaction and eventual demise. So, gather the best information possible, make a decision and move forward with confidence.

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