The Common Denominator in Every Profitable Business

Updated: Sep 22, 2019

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“Every small business owner who survives seeks help.”

Michael E. Gerber

Small business owners are a different breed. It’s been my experience that most of us feel we have something to prove, are stubborn and determined to do things our way. Not that these traits aren’t bad; until they are.

These pioneering qualities and skills are fantastic when starting a business and growing it through infancy. But as a business moves toward adolescence these same attitudes must be exchanged for completely different outlooks and skill sets. Failure to make this transition results in frustration, stress and possibly the demise of the business. It is precisely at this intersection most businesses fail.

For any small business to succeed long term, the owner must recognize mentalities that are hindering growth and admit they don’t know everything: a hard lesson but a pivotal point for most small business owners.

Asking for help is incredibly humbling. Accepting the fact that we don’t have all the answers allows for new strategies and processes to be instituted which in turn means increased profits, market share, and positions the owner for unlimited personal and business growth.

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