The "ONE MORE" Mindset

"This week I want to strongly encourage you to do the things other people are not willing to do so you can begin to BELIEVE you should reap the rewards. Because the truth is, you will only get out of life what you BELIEVE you DESERVE.

The average do what they’re supposed to do; the greats do ONE MORE! The average work hard, but the greats WORK EXTRA.

With everything you do this week, when you think you are done, remind yourself to do ONE MORE. Do one more rep in the gym. Make one more phone call. Read one more chapter. Give one more hug. Close one more deal.


The more you do, the MORE LIKELY it is that you are going to win! So, why not continue to increase the odds? The odds are DIRECTLY in your control.

Other people are going to flinch. Other people are going to lose faith. Other people will get weak. But not you! Because YOU have ONE MORE in your arsenal!

Ed Mylett

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