Three Things to Remember When Making a Decision

"Whenever you see a successful business, someone once made a courageous decision." - Peter Drucker

Recently I was surrounded by hundreds of small business owners speaking about their entrepreneurial journey. Although each owner worked in different industries, had different personalities, and skill sets, their stories had a common theme.

In each story, there came a time when the owner had to make a decision, a success or failure type of decision. Most often they had to decide in chaotic circumstances like being out of capital, not enough data, and employee or relational upheaval.

Listening to these owners tell their stories was real life, no highly produced drama, and just like real life, some made the right decisions, and some crashed and burned, but they all made a decision!

Deciding would be so much easier if it were done in a sterile and peaceful environment or dream room, but that is rarely the case, hell, that is never the case.

Chances are good that thirty percent of you reading this post are about to make an important decision. Here are three tips to remember when deciding.

1. Gather as much information as the situation allows (you will never have all the information).

2. Ask “what is my instinct telling me?

3. Decide!

Decisions take courage, and no business is successful without courage.

Leave a comment and share a big decision you have made to move forward in your business.

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