Walk Away! My Strategy for Dealing with Difficult Clients. Well, Sometimes it's My Strategy.

Listening to the horror stories of small business owners is part of my job description. Most of the stories begin with, "I knew they were going to be trouble from the beginning."

We have all been there. We meet the potential client at the coffee shop, and the red flags begin waving in our tiny brains before we have had our first sip of Highlander Grog. We know immediately we should walk away, but no, "Everything will be fine this time." We say. It's rarely fine!

I admit it. There are times that I still believe I can save the day even when other consultants have walked away from the toxic client. Finally, after several wasted hours and a multitude of tedious phone conversations and emails, I wave the white flag, acknowledging the hassle isn’t worth the anguish. Wasted time, wasted energy.

Hopefully, this post serves a reminder to us all to not ignore those red flags and other warning signs and walk away. At least most of the time.

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