Want to Be a Better Manager? Focus on these 6 Areas.

As a manager, you should continually be striving for personal improvement, but in what areas should you be improving? Today, in Workplace Wednesday, I will share six skills sectors you can focus on to become the best manager you can be.

1. Improve your people skills.

Continual improvement in your communication and listening skills will reduce the chance for misunderstandings and build your worth.

2. Vision casting.

Communicate by word and example how your team fits into the broader vision and mission of the company.

3. Improve your Mindset.

An enthusiastic and optimistic leader will develop a more productive team.

4. Trust.

Work hard to build the trust of your team through transparency, candor, and credit.

5. Courage.

Develop the courage to make tough decisions and gut calls. Your team will respect you for it.

6. Learn to Celebrate.

Do the hard work but don’t forget to celebrate the wins with your team.