Want to Improve Your Life? Ask these 5 Questions Daily

Updated: Sep 22, 2019

Much of the success we experience in our life is determined more by our attitudes and actions than those of our bosses or friends. Our outlook, work ethic, and perceptions, play the most crucial role in our individual viability.

Undoubtedly, situations arise that are beyond our control and knock us backwards, but these conditions are a small percentage when compared to the role we play in our own achievements.

Like you, I desire to be the best person and business owner I can be, and one method I employ to help me improve is to ask myself five questions. I have found that by daily, reviewing these questions I am forced to focus on those values that will bring improvement to my life and vocation.

1. Am I positioning myself to serve?

The more people we have clamoring for our time, skill, or knowledge, the easier it is to think we are someone special. This question reminds me that my purpose is to use my talents, skills, and gifting's, to enhance others’ lives.

2. Am I being diligent in my work?

Am I giving my clients my very best effort, diligence, and focus? If not. I need to make some changes!

3. Am I continually looking for new opportunities?

Each day new opportunities present themselves but seeing them as opportunities is a different story. Today, I must nurture the attitude that recognizes these encounters as a chance to move forward.

4. Am I being persistent?

Sure, the grind wears on you, but don’t quit. Hit the pavement, knock on the doors, make the calls, stay at it. Persistence will pay off.

5. Am I being thankful?

Every morning I take a walk and focus my mind on all that I am thankful for. No matter

how bad things seem to be, taking a few minutes each day to be thankful makes a huge impact in my attitude.

I am not where I want to be as a human or business owner so I strive to improve myself every day and asking these questions increases the odds I will succeed. Give them a try and let me know how they help you.

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