What My Cat Taught Me About Seeing the World

Arriving home from a very long day at work my cat Millie, greeted me at the door ready to be amused.

I grabbed her favorite toy and we began playing a little cat and mouse.

Being a cat, she was quickly bored with the game and wandered off to another part of the house to do something more interesting leaving me lying on my back clutching a fuzzy mouse with a bell on the end of its tail.

While on the floor I began looking around the room and suddenly realized that I was now looking at Millie’s world from her perspective. I’m in this room every day, but have never viewed it from the floor, yet Millie sees it like this all the time.

She sees the dust bunnies under the couch, the nicks on legs of the leather chair, the electrical outlets at eye level. Most of what Millie sees is limited to 12 inches off the floor!

Sadly, my perspective of the world isn’t much different. No, it’s not 12 inches off the floor but it is limited to my daily surroundings, the people I associate with, the activities I engage in, and the thoughts I entertain. These factors form my perspective of the world. This is normal and not necessarily a bad thing until it is.

It’s a bad thing when our normal way of looking at things never grows, is never challenged, or is so static that we think our perspective is the only correct one and we fail to listen or entertain another’s point of view.

While on the floor late that night I decided to change things up a bit. Change up my daily routine, read a book I wouldn’t normally read, listen to music that is unfamiliar, have coffee with someone who thinks differently than me, not to totally abandon my point of view, but to see the world through a different lens and expand my perspective of this great big world.

Thanks for the lesson Millie!

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