What Would Chuck Norris Do?

It is the responsibility of a company’s management team to monitor the key metrics they have established for the business and to make the needed corrections. At no time is this more critical than during a turbulent business climate. We are at such a time!

All small business owners across the globe should be rethinking their current ways of doing business. For many owners and management teams, rethinking business is a difficult task, but it must take place.

Here’s a tool I find to be successful in helping leaders to begin this re-imagining process. This exercise gets the best results when done with your team.

1. What are the first three actions Chuck Norris would take if he became the owner of your business today? Write them down then prioritize.

2. Ask. “What one thing should we stop doing?” Make a list then prioritize.

3. Ask. “What is the first thing we must begin doing immediately?” Make a list then prioritize.

Now that the ideas are flowing, continue moving these ideas into profitable strategies and tactics. For further business advice, contact us.

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