Where Are Your 2021 Goals? No Really, Where Did You Put Them?

Updated: Jan 14

Where are your 2021 goals? No, really, where did you put them?

Our consulting practice found many clients spent time in Q4 evaluating their business’s performance in 2020. They poured over the financials, dove into the sales numbers, and critiqued all aspects of their business, and from those findings, formulated new goals for 2021. I am confident you did the same.

So I ask you, “Where are those goals right now? When was the last time you looked at them?

Writing down your business goals was an essential first step, but acting on those goals is where the results live.

The Italians have a saying, “Tra il dire eil fare, ce in mezzo il mare.” translated it means “There is an ocean between saying and doing.”

I am encouraged you took the first step to write out your goals, but leaving them in an untouched Google doc will not bring about change.

So, find those written goals, put them in a place of prominence, and each day take an action step toward accomplishing them. Remember, it is the doing that brings change.

If you need some help, let us know.