Having clarity of purpose and robust processes are the keys to any profitable organization. Whether you are starting a new business or trying to expand an existing one? We can help.

Business Development: The Business Development Course covers a wide range of topics for creating, launching, and managing a new business effectively. Course topics include:

  • Business Development Basics

  • Market Analysis and Product/Service Evaluation

  • Sales Strategies and Competitive Edge

  • Accountability and Responsibility

  • Marketing and Business Development

  • Leadership and Executive Coaching

  • Business Growth and Expansion

  • Business Planning: We offer several business planning models and tailor them to your needs.


Strategic Planning Specialists

Strategic planning benefits your business by increasing profits, aligning your resources, and synchronizing your systems and processes.

  • Strategy Analysis: Identifying hindrances and bottlenecks in your processes and systems.

  • Alignment: Synthesizing your systems and processes.

  • Strategic Planning Retreats: A  one or two-day retreat with business leaders, managers, and key team members designed to take a deep dive into your business.



Providing on-site analysis, strategic investigation, interviews we identify profitable solutions for your small business.

Key Benefits

  • Increased Profits

  • Aligned Focus of Resources

  • More time

  • Increased Production

  • Reduced Stress 



Professional athletes don’t become superstars on their own, their secret ingredient is the coaching they receive to help them achieve their full potential. As a Certified Business Advisor, my coaching is ideal for small, medium and large business owners and managers. Each coaching session is uniquely designed to identify existing opportunities for expansion. An individual action plan is created to maximize and harness those areas for business and personal growth. If you find yourself in a rut, need to master a new skill to stay competitive, can never find enough time, or need to talk through a problem. Our coaching will get you results.

Phone or Video Conference

This is a great option for those with a busy schedule, or outside of the Ohio market. Thankfully, modern-day communications allow us to work together on solutions for your personal and business goals.

One on One Coaching

Your coaching session is an important time reserved just for you to clean up your mind and get help to move forward. Each one-on-one session is uniquely designed to identify existing opportunities for expansion with a personalized action plan to maximize and harness those areas for business and personal growth. 

Key Benefits

  • Set Unique Goals

  • Identify Barriers

  • Pinpoint Blindspots

  • Create/Clarify Vision

  • Reduced Stress 

  • Challenge Perceptions



Ensuring our clients and their teams are on the same page is critical to the success of their businesses. This is the reason we place a high priority on educating our clients and their staff through a variety of methods including. Our workshops and in house training help small business management teams and individuals develop better skills and competencies to help them meet the needs of their workforce and their customers.

Key Benefits

  • Increased Profits

  • Common Focus on the mission

  • Vibrant workplace culture

  • Increased Production

  • Reduced personnel problems