Business Development

An Upgraded Approach to Business Consulting

We approach business consulting from a different approach than most other consulting firms. Since the early 1930s, when consulting as we know it was born until today, most consultants attempt to solve business problems relying primarily on their knowledge, techniques, and prepackaged services with the idea that they will make any business challenge fit into their models. The problem with this philosophy is that it rarely produces lasting results for the clients. 

At Slark Consulting Group, we understand that consulting is more of an art than an exact science and that every consulting situation is unique. While we agree that knowledge is important and that a toolbox of sharp skills and techniques is critical, we believe that implementation is where lasting results happen.


Here are the ways we achieve results:


Develop a healthy client-consultant relationship.

We believe a healthy client-consultant relationship is imperative to bring lasting client results. Slark Consulting Group strives to accomplish this through open collaboration and partnership with our clients. We take the time to listen to you and your team, to understand your business culture and patterns that make your business different, and deliver deep knowledge, not just reports and information. We have discovered that the more the client is involved in the consulting process, the better the outcome.

Correct Application of Knowledge, Skills, and Techniques.

With the increasing speed of change that impacts our businesses, outdated consulting practices and cookie-cutter approaches simply cannot bring lasting results. We are continually upgrading our consulting knowledge, skills, techniques, and learning to better implement them in masterful ways to deliver our clients’ the highest result.