Helping Good Businesses Become Great!

Rick Slark, CBA

Business Advisor, Springfield, Ohio

Slark Consulting Group has a proven track record of success in strategic planning, process improvement, and financial management. We understand that every business is unique, so we tailor our solutions to each client’s specific needs.

We pride ourselves on delivering results and driving measurable improvements for our clients. So whether you are looking to increase revenue, improve efficiency, or streamline operations, we can help.

Our Services

Business Development

Today, the business, political, and security landscapes are constantly evolving.

At Slark Consulting Group, we identify future possibilities, even amidst challenges.

We work with businesses of all industries to develop customized solutions through a multidimensional approach, ultimately helping our clients go from good to great.

Professional Development


Our personalized program aims to help individuals achieve accelerated professional and personal growth through a tailored approach.

By focusing on specific areas of improvement, such as professional behaviors, mindset, and leadership presence, participants can take control of their personal and professional development and take their skills and abilities to the next level.

Business Training

Customized training and workshops tailored to fit the unique needs of your company or team. Options range from brief lunch and learn sessions to comprehensive half-day or full-day training.