Top 15 Lessons I Learned in 2021

Most Sunday evenings, I sit alone to ponder the week behind me, always asking the same question; “What lessons did I learn this week?”

To help me remember these lessons, I write them down and publish them as a weekly blog post entitled 5 Lessons I Learned This Week.

Over the Christmas holiday, I spent some time reviewing my posts of 2021 and decided to select my favorite lessons, and while I found it impossible only to pick five, I managed to narrow it down to fifteen. So here are the top 15 lessons I learned in 2021.

  1. Being courteous is always the right thing.
  2. Most of the inner stories I tell myself aren’t true.
  3. Amateurs do the work when conditions are ideal. Professionals can perform in all conditions.
  4. If you choose to live with cats you must learn to live with cat hair on your sweater.
  5. There are some things you cannot change, like the coming of the seasons and people.
  6. There are three types of people you need in your life. A peer, a mentor, and a student.
  7. Give yourself a beginning and an ending date for every project.
  8. Feeling that you are alone is a myth. Almost every person has experienced what you are going through or has thought what you are now thinking.
  9. Remembering someone’s birthday is important!
  10. Be good enough at most things and outstanding at one thing.
  11. At my friends funeral, I noticed that none of the photos in the slideshow of his life were work related.
  12. Create work that people would miss if you didn’t show up.
  13. Today, is the slowest the earth will ever change.
  14. If you aren’t purposely building the life you desire, outside forces will shape another one for you.
  15. There are many benefits of sitting on the sideline of your kid’s little league soccer game, but you won’t realize most of them for twenty years.

Happy New Year!