What Does Your Auto Mechanic and a Business Consultant Have in Common?

“What exactly do you do?”
Have you ever wondered what a business consultant actually does? A business consultant is a mechanic for your business! That’s right, let me explain.
There a two reasons car owners take their vehicles to a mechanic. One, the car is experiencing a problem, and the second is for routine maintenance. Now imagine for a minute you’re on your way to your kid’s soccer game when a warning light appears on your dashboard; it has happened to all of us. What do you do? After saying a few choice words, You find a mechanic. The service technicians then use their experience, skills, and tools to diagnose and repair the problem.

Let’s say you’re leaving town for a trip and you want your vehicle serviced before you go. A mechanic changes the oil, rotates the tires, and completes a 25 point inspection.
Like the auto mechanic repairs and maintains your automobile, a business consultant solves and maintains businesses. Although a company doesn’t set off a warning light on the dashboard, it clearly signals when a problem exists. Reduced profitability, missed deadlines, lack of productivity, and increased customer complaints filling your inbox, just to name a few.

Small business owners call a consultant when they need to improve their business systems, expand into a new market, add a new product, or strategically plan for the new year.? Like a mechanic keeps your car running smoothly, the business consultant maintains and improves businesses performance.
Automobiles are the second most expensive asset most people purchase, and our dependence upon them continually increases. Still, as today’s vehicles become more advanced, most owners have neither the expertise nor the time to repair or maintain them. The same is valid with business owners; they have neither the time nor the expertise to fix problems or keep them maintained without the help of a business advisor.

If your small business is experiencing a problem or your business environments, have shifted, and you need to make changes to stay competitive. I suggest you hire a mechanic of business, the business consultant.
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